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 Tammy & Mark

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PostSubject: Tammy & Mark   Tammy & Mark Icon_minitimeWed Jun 06, 2007 1:40 pm

Tammy & Mark

Here's story about two people, Tammy & Mark

And how Mark Was on the verge of breaking Tammy's heart

But funny thing was he hardly knew her at all

And Tammy didnn't know Mark was gonna be gone till fall

They met each other at her daughter's birthday party

Mark would've never been in this mess if they weren't tardy

When Tammy answered the door she smiled & said "Hi."

And thats when Tammy knew Mark was the guy

But when Mark saw Tammy, he though damn she's gonna ask me to stay

And that's exactly what she did, & Mark thought that was really gay

So he told little Lisa to go play with her friends

And he sat on the couch with Tammy & her friends

The time went by fast& soon it was time for the kids to say bye

All hte parents thought if they stayed any longer, they die

So before Mark left he gave Tammy the number to his phone

So he & her could talk when they were both alone

That same night TAmmy called & they talked all night long

Then little Lisa started to complain that something was wrong

Tammy tells Mark she'll just call him the next day

Then she hung up before he could say what he had to say

Mark ment to tell her he was going to England for a short time

But he said "fuck it, she'll be just fine

We've only known each other for a very short time

So he & Lisa left the next morning for the plane

And can you beleive it, dont thik that this is insane

But Tammy called the night after they had left

And now is where the story gets to better from the rest

Lets look at the answering Machine message that Tammy has left

"Hey Mark, how's it going, how come you didnt answer the phone?

You could've said last night that you weren't gonna be home

Fuck it, what you been up to Mark?

Just this morning i took Meghan to the park

She got scared by this llittle cute dog's bark

She said she doesn't like you, cause you didn't say bye to her

And i started missing you after i took my shower

And don't think she forgot about Lisa, Meghan says she misses her too

Well call me back, I'll be sittin, waitin for you, boo

Hey Mark, I think I might be fallin in love with you too

A week passes by and Tammy doesn't recieve a call

She gets more & more angry as it nears close to Fall

It's eatin her up inside to know that Mark hasn't called at all

And Mark is havin fun in England with Lisa in the malls

He even took Lisa to a nice fancy ball

But every once in a while he thinks about how tammy's doin

Hopin & praying that his chances with her aren't ruined

Tammy calls again thikin maybe he's at home & forgot

But we all know that he's on vacation & at his house he is not

How's it goin Mark? doin good? What's up?

The way you don't answer my calls is real fucked up

A week & a half & you haven't gave me a call

You havn't answered any of my calls at all

If you didn't want to talk, you didn't have to but you did

Do you not wanna talk because i have a kid?

How the fuck you dicide not to call anymore?!?

Sometimes I just sit & stare at the floor

Just wishin you would call or walk through the door

& give me a kiss or a hug

Then we would cuddle on the couch & end up on the rug

And we will stay there for some time then you would make ove to me

Mark please call me I'm so lonley

All I do id sit & think about uou

Please call, & Mark, we should be together too

Two weeks have passed since the last call

Maek kk& Lisa are on their way home, it's the begininng of Fall

Lisa has to go to school & Mark has to go to work

On the plan Mark hopes Tammy isn't hurt

He hopes they can get their relationshop up & walkin

So they can get abck to their late night talkin

On the other side of the woeld Tammy calls again

This time she doesn't want to be his friend

She calls during a storm, that was the dumb thing

Marks power goes out, Tammy hears a click & thinks it's the answering machine

Hello Mr. I'm to good to call & talk to a girl

The way you been ignoring my ass makes me want to hurl!

If it's cause I have a child you dont have to worry about that anymore

You hear those faint screams? That's Meghan on the floor

Im suffercating her so she want be able to breath anymore

Then she'll die & I wont have a kid anymore

& Then that means & you can get to know each other more

But why haven't you called, is there someone else in your life?

If there is Im'a slit her throat with my knife.

Then Im'a get an ace & chop off you head!

& Oh wait, you hear that? My little girl is dead

I'm sad now Mark, i got a little surprise for you

I bought a gun & some bullets from some old man wearin blue

Lemmie go wrap up the present, it's me i got for you

I'm all wrapped up, tucked inside my big bed

Now listen closely to the sound of a bullet going through my head!

Mark & Lisa arrive to their home

And to Mark's surprise he has messages on the phine

He sees there are two messages from Tammy, he gets glad

Then durprised again to see she's mad

He turns the T.V onto the news

They say breaking news is comming in a few

He picks up the phone and calls Tammy's house

Funny, this time Tammy doesn't answer the phone

He tries one more time & wait for the last of the rings

Then leaves a message on her answering machine

Hey Tammy, sorry I didn't call, I was on vacation

Don't think I didn't call to end our little relation

But Tammy please, tell me why you're mad

These messages kinda messed up the friendship we had

& Whats this shit about us being together?

That type of shit makes me not want us to see each other

But Tammy understand that I do want our relationship to grow

I just don't want you to do some dumb shit though

Like this shit im watchin on the News it's crazy

Same bitch last nigh went & killed her baby

They wont say her age, but she looks five years old maybe

They said they found the mother in her bed

With a gun in her hand & a bullet hole in her head

Oh wait whats this? they might say her name too!

They say her name is Tamm...........Oh shit.... that bitch is you...........

Poem By Jonathan Anthony Woods
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J Wizzle Foe.Shizzle
J Wizzle Foe.Shizzle

Number of posts : 57
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PostSubject: Re: Tammy & Mark   Tammy & Mark Icon_minitimeWed Jun 06, 2007 1:41 pm

srry about the typos... its a long poem and i have a crappy keyboard
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PostSubject: Re: Tammy & Mark   Tammy & Mark Icon_minitimeWed Jun 06, 2007 1:55 pm

great poem, sad and a few typos. but im glad u took the time to write it
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PostSubject: Re: Tammy & Mark   Tammy & Mark Icon_minitimeMon Jun 11, 2007 4:09 am

Wow dude *claps* that was awsome ur a poet lol gj i loved it tho
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PostSubject: Re: Tammy & Mark   Tammy & Mark Icon_minitime

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Tammy & Mark
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